Kerrie is a Princess of the Car App World and she is addicted to Princessbet

Kerrie Larsen is a Master of Science from the Goethe University in Frankfurt. She recently developed an app that helps leasing cars. This is the first app that Kerrie developed all alone.

Kerrie developed many apps in the past together with her friends and they were all related to the cars as well. Kerrie is a car enthusiast and she many times annoys her friends due to her craze for cars.

Kerrie has a blog intact on her car leasing app’s official website. Kerrie suggests that you never buy a car or SUV with height-adjustable air suspension. Kerrie claims that a Fiat without a height-adjustable air suspension is far more reliable than a Toyota with height-adjustable air suspension.

Kerrie used to have a blog dedicated exclusively to the Volvo cars until the day they started producing majority of their cars in the Republic of China. Kerrie shut down her blog the very day they started making their cars in the Republic of China.

Kerrie says that in today’s tough economy, low cost of ownership is what a buyer is looking for. Kerrie says that it is better that the European car makers comprehend this as soon as possible or they will be history. Kerrie also says that the Japanese car-makers, especially Honda and Toyota shouldn’t get too confident with their over-exaggerated reliability and they should be wary of the rising Chinese car-makers like Geely as well.

Kerrie lived in Poland for 3 years and living there she noticed that Polish people love to gamble, it is in their blood. She says that they also do businesses that are the epitome of gambling like bitcoin trading, buying lottery tickets, stock holding, operating car dealerships, real estate development, etc. Kerrie herself got addicted to Princessbet while she was there in Poland and for good, she has won over 30, 000 US Dollars with betting on Princessbet and counting.

Kerrie has an advice for the entrepreneurs – “Dream big dreams, don’t daydream, spend very little time dreaming and more on achieving those.”

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