Factory owner wouldn’t buy a Toyota or a Lexus even with the money he won with gambling online

Jim Ainsworth struggled very hard with his gardening business but it had to be a flop because of the awkward name that it had – ‘Hooker’s Lips’. Since shutting his gardening business down in the late 2017, Jim has been running a factory in partnership with one of his best friends that manufactures spray dryers, spin flash dryers, fluid bed dryers, flash dryers, rotary dryers, continuous fluid bed dryers, paddle dryers and rotary vacuum dryers. The business has been doing great since the first month of its inception and Jim attributes the success of this new business to their hard-work and them seldom failing to exceed the client’s expectations.

Jim loves to read both the positive and negative feedback related to his business everywhere that he can find on the internet. Jim says that the positive feedback gives him the energy and reward to carry on doing the good work and the negative feedback lets them know what their shortcomings are and by fulfilling those shortcomings, they can become better.

Jim’s business partner friend loves to watch mechanic videos on the Youtube and no matter what, he always repair own cars himself. He also always tries his best to convince his friends and family members to let him repair their cars but they on the other side try their best as well to save themselves from letting Jim’s business partner friend to repair their cars. Jim himself has never let his business partner friend ever repair his car but he recently got addicted to watching Scotty Kilmer’s videos on the Youtube. Jim says that no matter what, he is never again buying a boring Toyota or Lexus, not even with the money that he wins with Asyabahis.

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