Journalist, Political Analyst and Conspiracy Theorist bought a Nissan Pathfinder with Bingo Bucks

Louis Bennion is a journalist, political analyst and conspiracy theorist who claims that Australia will soon be overtaken by the Arab League in a very dramatic way conspired by the United States of America and its allies, which surprisingly includes England as well. Louis claims that Late Conspiracy Theorist – Eustace Mullins was absolutely right when he claimed that there are more conspiracies going on around the world than we will ever come to know. Louis claims that it may so also happen that whence the Arab League is done taking over the nation called Australia, the United States will come to its rescue in an even more dramatic way, a way so dramatic that is not even ever seen in a Hollywood or any other -wood movie ever.

Louis warns that the growing riots in the oriental part of the world including Northeast India are going to result in disastrous ends which the biggest of the experts are not even capable of predicting at the moment. Louis warns that it is better that the world, especially the Asian world wakes up before those mega-disastrous events take place.

Louis claims that the Anti-Pollution powers want to destroy the biggest irrigation scheme on the planet – Lloyd Barrage in Pakistan and they have already achieved 50% of their target and looking at the rapidness of their progress, it is most likely that they will be able to totally achieve what they are aiming for.

Louis recently bought his favorite car – a Nissan Pathfinder with the money he won with some of the best bingo sites and I have personally never seen him any happier.

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