SEO Agency Owner from Indonesia cannot get enough of the River Euphrates and FUN88

Jalaluddin Masood is the owner of a SEO firm located in Palembang. Jalaluddin claims he has the secret information that Google Inc is planning to expand their Adwords operations. Jalaluddin believes that many of the SEO agencies and so-called individual SEO experts are going to go bankrupt because of this step of the Google Inc.

Being a devout Muslim, Jalaluddin claims that Sheikh Imran Hosein and Zakir Naik are the only true remaining Islamic scholars and preachers left, rest are all either incapable or the agents of the enemies of Islam.

Jalaluddin’s father was a motorcycle stuntman and Jalaluddin is proud of his father’s legacy. Jalaluddin’s father did stunts for Hollywood, Bollywood and other movie industries.

Jalaluddin believes that the ‘Attraction of Distraction’ is the greater eater of success in the modern world and the same is responsible for most of the failures.

Jalaluddin loves music as well and he claims that the singers of the 1980s had the most impressionable looks and they were far more talented than any of the musicians in the recorded history.

Jalaluddin has traveled to Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan multiple times and he cannot get enough of the Holy Land indeed. Jalaluddin says that there is something about the River Euphrates that he never experienced anywhere else.

Jalaluddin also traveled to Uganda in the past and he was surprised to notice there that luxury SUVs get more second looks in Uganda than the sports cars. Jalaluddin recently bought a Land Rover Discovery for himself with the money that he won with FUN88 Alternatif.

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