1980s lover brags that her Scottsdale mansion was paid for by Arizona lottery

Elvira Silva cannot stop missing 1980s all the time. She says that they don’t have quick weekend getaways like they used to back then.

Elvira owns three different e-commerce stores – one for clothing, one for furniture and one for groceries.

Elvira uses blogging to promote each of her e-commerce stores and it has been proven to be quite effective as Elvira likes to write only posts that are handwritten by herself and she knows how to create controversial posts to fetch more visitors.

Elvira didn’t feel ashamed to write on her blog that the mansion she owns in the Scottsdale city was paid for by the millions of dollars that she won with Arizona lottery.

Once Elvira claimed on one of her blogs that a Swedish oven manufacturers are trying their best to keep their product in demand but the opposite has been happening as the Chinese and Japanese are taking over most of their industries. Elvira says that a bigger slap couldn’t be thrown on the face of the Swedish people when a Chinese named Li Shufu bought their pride – Volvo.

Elvira is notorious for writing posts against some religions and for other on her blog as well. Once Elvira wrote that the Ethiopian Orthodox religion is mostly responsible for the poverty in that country. Elvira also wrote that if the Ethiopians turn towards Roman Catholicism, they will be far better off than they are now – both spiritually and financially.

Once Elvira wrote that there is a group of sociopathic scientists that has been trying to create nuclear weapons secretly. Elvira warned that the governments of different countries must unite and do whatever it takes to locate this group before it is too late.

Elvira received record breaking comments on her blog when she once wrote on her blog that as a teen she used to spread rumors involuntarily because of her habit of gossiping. 99% of the comments beneath this very post read “You still have that habit”.

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