Millionaire Industrialist told the Indians that he is just a regular better at Sabung Ayam

Doug Cortez is a millionaire industrialist who owns two factories currently, one is involved in manufacturing electric motors and pumps and the other one is involved in manufacturing electric geysers and ceiling fans.

Doug recently made a trip to India where he noticed several things about the nation. Doug believes that the right-wing saffron organizations have been telling lies to the common people. Doug claims that India was never as rich in the ancient or medieval times. Doug says that India has to be the poorest nation on earth as the people there with big bellies are considered elegant instead of unhealthy. Doug says that all the Indians with big bellies that he met get more compliments than warnings.

Doug says that most Indians believe in different superstitions and these superstitions are different in different regions, like in North India they believe that eating meat on Tuesdays will make you first starve and then die but in South India they believe that a mellow pus on the left side of the body is a symbol of upcoming life threat.

Doug also conducted a survey while in India. All the participants were females and the survey was about which Hollywood actor do they find the most attractive. Doug was surprised to know that the younger women found Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame the most attractive but the older ones found Brad Pitt to be the most attractive one.

What Doug found to be the most annoying thing about the Indians is that the first thing that they ask you when they meet you for the first time after you are done telling them your name is “Where do you work and what’s your designation there?” Doug answered one and only thing to all those that asked him the same – “I am just a regular better at sabung ayam.”

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