Senior Sales Consultant at a Real Estate Company loves Football Gambling

Bilge Pangestu is a senior sales consultant at a real estate development company. Bilge studied science at school and his favorite subject was chemistry. Bilge loves to give chemistry related analogies, for example he says that like chemical compounds, Vladimir Putin has sharp melting points (becomes happy soon after getting angry) and boiling points (gets angry too easily).

Bilge believes that formal education has been losing its significance day-by-day and the greatest proof of the same is less and less percentage of young people graduating from college each year. Bilge really hopes that the percentage gets even lesser in the coming years as he is himself against the formal education very much.

Bilge has been to India several times only to hate it more each time. On one trip, Bilge came across aghori sadhus that sold dead human bodies for a huge sum of money on another he came across naga babas that forced women to worship their penises with the warning that their spouses would go impotent if they don’t.

Once Bilge attempted to learn black magic while he was there in India and he says that although he didn’t learn any black magic, he was recommended to eat black colored fruits on the Saturday nights which really gave him some intuitive capabilities but it also brought about some neurological side-effects.

Bilge claims that the joint family system of India is highly responsible for its poverty and backwardness.

Bilge also once traveled to Uzbekistan only to discover uncountable fake news TV channels and newspapers that baited trained female journalists and reporters by the promise to give them a job in the news field only to sell them to the pimps later on.

Bilge cannot thank his football gambling agent (Agen Bola) enough for providing him a relief from all the miseries of the world and letting him escape to heaven for a while.

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