Esma Masood would rather bet all her hard-earned money on QQ288 than buying an unreliable Fiat

Esma Masood’s family has been involved in the packing industry for over 3 generations. Currently, the family owns a major factory that manufactures courier bags, bubble envelopes, craft paper bubble mailers, corrugated boxes and more.

Even though Esma owns a major share in the family business and receives thousands of dollars monthly from that, she still works as Executive Assistant for AWS Security at eBay. By now you must know that Esma is a lady with huge self-esteem and self-respect.

Along with having huge self-esteem and self-respect, Esma also has a huge passion for cars and she can often be found commenting on automobiles, automobile industry – its past, present or future.

Esma says that the consumer is now so tired of the crossovers and SUVs and we need something in between these two.

Esma remembers the entire 2000s when almost all the auto magazines were full of compliments for the Honda cars. Esma says that now it is the opposite, she wonders what has happened. Esma says that it is not that the quality of Honda has fallen down a lot to be honest, Esma admits that Honda hasn’t been able to keep up with the rising interior quality of the rivals but she also says that its incredible iVtec engine covers up for that all.

Esma believes that the automobile consumer wasn’t this smart ever before. Esma claims that the Fiat Motors tried its best to create a market for itself all across the globe by creating fake Fiat fan clubs and by paying the auto magazines, Youtubers and others huge sums of money to promote the Fiat but Esma is happy that the consumer of today is not stupid enough to fall into the trap of the Fiat.

Esma says that she would rather spend all her money betting on a reliable and honest website for qq228 than spending it all on a Fiat and wouldn’t even regret a bit even if she loses it all.

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