CCTV Manufacturer gambles using credit money

Zainab Hashmi owns a company that is involved in manufacturing, selling and exporting CCTV cameras. Zainab is a very passionate woman and other than her business, her passions including online credit gambling (Judi online pulsa), cars, tourism and politics.

Zainab started out her career as a Senior Consultant for Program Management at a Government Department.

Zainab is not ashamed to admit that she is very active on Tinder as well. Zainab claims that all Vastu and Feng Shui consultants are scammers, she claims to have seen several of those on Tinder. Zainab says that there is nothing wrong with being on Tinder but most of these Vastu and Feng Shui consultants advocate chastity and celibacy.

Zainab is extremely passionate for auto industry. Zainab claims that BMW has been trying to be Mercedes and that’s what is going to make it sell less in the future than ever before in the industry. Zainab says that there is no doubt that no matter what, BMW is going to be more fun to drive than a Mercedes any day. Zainab says that a BMW in normal mode is greater than a Mercedes in sports mode.

Zainab believes that an average car buyer has gone a lot smarter than ever before and the biggest proof of the same is that although Fiat pays the highest amount of money to the car magazines, Auto Youtubers, TV channels but still customers are not willing to buy one.

Zainab believes that Tata Motors of India has always been highly inspired by Ford and since Tata bought off JLR from Ford, their inspiration grew even stronger.

Zainab is not an antisemite but she accuses the Zionists for destroying the concept of religion and most religious societies around the world.

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