Successful Insurance Company owner loves animals so much that she gambles on animal themed websites only

Sheryl Tracy owns an Insurance Company in Brooklyn, New York that provides Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance and Life Insurance.

Being a Founder-Chairperson-CEO, all at once of a successful insurance agency, Sheryl has a lot of advice to give to the insurance companies and insurance buyers on her blog. Sheryl says that ‘Renters Insurance’ is the biggest blunder in the history of the insurances and that’s the reason why she never touched it herself and she recommends that other insurance companies and independent agents also don’t.

Sheryl claims that RV/Camper Insurances are making the insurance companies go bankrupt and that is a reason more than sufficient to stay away from those.

To the auto insurance buyers, Sheryl says that always try to find the cheapest possible insurance as the upsells don’t serve much of a purpose in the auto insurance world.

Sheryl started out on her insurance journey independently but today she has more than 50 employees working for her. Sheryl is a real motivated high achiever woman who attributes her remarkable success to always aiming for the innovation.

Sheryl’s company is a completely privately owned one – no investor, no shareholder, no lender. Yes, she borrowed some money from the family but returned it all back within a few months.

Sheryl has only one major office building at the moment but she is very much willing to multiply the number of offices owned by her.

Sheryl loves to read and do research on the animal kingdom and she claims that the Giant Indian Squirrel is the result of sexual relationship between cat and squirrel. Sheryl also chooses to bet on animal related websites, like cockfighting (sabung ayam).

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