Bangkok Hospital Rheumatologist is a true patriot and baccarat lover

Dr Jake Bonde is a Rheumatologist who has been practicing in the Bangkok Hospital in the Bangkok city of Thailand for almost past 10 years now. Dr Jake is an extrovert person and to vent out some of the interesting ideas about the Rheumatology field, its future and related things, he maintains a blog where he posts 2-3 times a week.

Dr Jake Bonde claims that 80% of the patients that come to him come for the treatment of Arthritis or Osteoporosis, 10% come for the treatment of Fibromyalgia and the rest 10% for other issues.

Dr Jake has won numerous awards for research in the field of Rheumatology and himself and his family are proud of the same.

Dr Jake says that it is too tough for a new rheumatologist to earn a lavish living as no patient wants to compromise when the matter is of their bones; They all want a Rheumatologist with experience. Dr Jake says that the best advice for a new Rheumatologist is to practice in a village or remote area or score a slot in a hospital. Dr Jake says that he was advised by his uncle who is a general practitioner that he will do great as a young rheumatologist if he can score a slot in a hospital otherwise his future is skeptical; Dr Jake listened to his GP uncle and did as he said only to kiss his uncle on the forehead later as an expression of gratitude.

Dr Jake is a real patriot, when they were all looking for a chance to go to the US or Western Europe to practice, Dr Jake rejected all the invitations to go and practice in the Malta, Canada, USA and Italy.

Dr Jake is a Baccarat (บาคาร่า) freak and the only thing that he loves more than the bones is nothing but a good game of Baccarat which I doubt he is playing right now as well.

Polyglot psychologist from Incheon city overemphasizes on the treatment of Schizophrenia and claims online gambling can be a potential cure to chronic medical depression

Adalene Noh is a South Korean polyglot psychologist based in the city of Incheon who has been practicing there for the past 15 years.

Adalene is a very outspoken psychologist and she doesn’t hesitate to make interesting claims about the field of psychology which sometimes go against everything that is normally believed and perceived to be true.

Adalene is even outspoken about her addiction to online gambling – 먹튀검증 and she doesn’t care what her patients or others think about this addiction of hers. Adalene also claims that winning bets online has put several chronic medical depression patients out of the disease.

Adalene has studied the mental health of several dead popular politicians, actors and others thoroughly and while she claims that many of the ones whom she studied suffered with mental illnesses that weren’t known of during that time, some politicians like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini didn’t suffer with any mental illnesses at all but they are wrongly portrayed as mentally ill as a part of conspiracy. Adalene destroys all the claims made against her of being a Neo-Nazi by first ridiculing the claimer that she is not a White and she hates the Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Adolf Hitler, all his sympathizers, White supremacists and others with all her heart.

Adalene doesn’t deny the scam that is going in the psychological study of science. Adalene is extremely bold and honest as she accepts that many of the modern psychological illnesses are a myth and a way of extorting regular money out of the common men and women. But Adalene overemphasizes on the treatment of mental illnesses like Schizophrenia, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Adalene says that none of these mental illnesses should be ignored at all as the ignorance in terms of these mental illnesses may cost the society and the patient a lot and it always has in the past and still does in the present even though there is a lot of awareness against these mental illnesses nowadays.

Eye doctor husband and wife love Toto sites

Bruce Quan owns a very popular eye care center in one of the topmost neighborhoods of his city. Bruce is extremely outspoken about his field of work and he maintains a couple of blogs as a part of the same.

Bruce says that there is a widespread notion that transparent contact lenses do not come with any side effects which their colored counterparts do come with but according to Bruce it is far from being true. Bruce says that it is completely false and all contact lenses whether colored or transparent are required by the law to be check by your eye doctor.

Bruce has been thinking of having his own glasses and contact lens brand for too long but has been delaying on his ambition on the same because he wants his contact lenses to come with no side effects or discomfort at all which he has been working on without any success for years now.

Bruce’s wife who is also an eye doctor has been working on inventing non-blurring dilating drops for eyes which she claims will really be ‘non’blurring’ in the term’s truest sense. Bruce’s wife claims that all the dilating drops that come with ‘non-blurring’ claims in the market aren’t really non-blurring and cause several car accidents and other negative incidents each year.

Bruce believes that there is very less work done in the field of cataract and that’s the reason why he has been working on developing innovative non-surgical methods to take care of the cataract diseases.

Bruce and his wife have a few other things in common that they both love their children and they both are very frequent to different Toto sites (토토사이트)

Balikpapan’s most popular SEO agency owner is a conspiracy theorist and gambling addict

Rachani Khay is the founder and CEO of one of the most popular SEO companies in the city of Balikpapan in Indonesia.

Rachani has a very popular blog on the official website of her SEO company where she makes a post every Friday. Rachani claims that we are going to see a completely new face of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing by the end of the financial year 2022.

Rachani says that going viral has gone far beyond the social media websites nowadays and there are at least over 100 methods to go viral nowadays and about half of them are simpler, easier and faster than going viral through social media websites.

Rachani claims that content marketing is still large but not as much as it once used to be.

Rachani’s blog is not limited to the posts related to SEO or internet marketing only. Rachani is a conspiracy theorist as well and she doesn’t like her theories to be referred to as conspiracies. Rachani claims that the CIA has been thinking of starting its own version of Bitcoins after seeing the success of Bitcoins. Rachani claims that the CIA will never reveal that it is behind the Cryptocurrency that it is going to launch. Rachani also claims that after seeing the success of CIA with its upcoming currency – Mossad, MI6 and KGB will also launch their own secret Cryptocurrencies. Rachani starts sounding like Nostradamus when she says that some of these Cryptocurrency founders will get way too excited someday and will reveal by themselves that these secret agencies are behind those Cryptocurrencies.

Rachani also doesn’t hesitate to talk about her online gambling addiction on her blog and she brags that she knows almost each and every reliable football gambling agent (Agen Bola) that is out there.

One of Chiang Rai’s largest cafe owners introduced her BF to sbo888 and now he doesn’t have enough time for her

Kannika Range owns and runs one of the most popular cafes in the Chiang Rai Province of Thailand. Kannika has a very popular blog dedicated to her cafe and the coffee industry where she posts at least once every 2-3 days.

Kannika believes that it is extremely harmful for the vegans to have coffee regularly and that’s the reason why she is so much against the vegan cafes.

Kannika’s cafes receive a lot more footfalls on the weekdays than they do the weekends and Kannika is appreciable of the same as she believes that coffee provides you intensity and more footfalls on the weekdays than on the weekends prove that more people want to be more intense for their work than for the play.

Kannika claims that there are going to be more round the clock cafes in the near future than the 11 AM to 11 PM ones.

Kannika also believes that having pastries along with coffee is extremely bad for your health but she still cannot help but serve the same for the sake of money and business.

Kannika believes that soon enough the classic coffee drinks will disappear altogether and only the uniquely flavored innovative coffee drinks will remain.

Kannika claims that industrial atmosphere is suicide for a coffee shop in the modern times and that’s why she avoids the same at all her coffee shops.

Kannika loves to tell her personal tales as well on her blog. She recently wrote about an incident when her boyfriend asked her to make the drive memorable once when they were both traveling together in Kannika’s car and Kannika broke the car into a pole.

Kannika is also the one who introduced her boyfriend to sbo888 and now he is always busy betting on the same, so much so that he doesn’t have enough time for Kannika anymore.

Chiang Rai SEO Agency owner is addicted to betting and he doesn’t regret it at all

Makok Changmor owns a SEO agency in one of the most expensive commercial areas of the Chiang Rai city of Thailand. Makok uses blogging as the biggest method to popularize his company. Makok has tons of interesting and controversial posts on his blog like Makok claims that many of the ‘fake virus’ cloaking series was a part of the North Korean Supreme Leader – Kim Jong-Un’s conspiracy to weaken the world and the internet users. Makok claims that Kim Jong-Un used to be highly schizophrenic with a touch of megalomania back in his younger years and he believed that he could take over the world easily with some smart tricks and the cosmos was with him.

Makok claims that he has many friends working as full-time engineers at Google Inc and Google is notorious not only for confusing its searchers, optimizers and competitors but it is also notorious for confusing its engineers as well.

Makok says that uploading and embedding videos on his website played a negative role in the promotion of his SEO business instead of the positive one. Makok says that his gut feeling always told him not to post any video on his official website but he did so on the recommendation of his friends only to regret it later on.

Makok claims that the Google has been giving more importance to the websites that are more on-page optimized than off-page optimized in a more organized way than ever before. Makok further says that the same goes for the blogs.

Makok openly confesses last Monday on his blog that he has been addicted to betting on บอลสเต็ป for a while and it seems like he will keep betting on the same till the last day of his life.

Taxi cab service owner from Changwon loves South Korea for Toto and Manual Transmission Cars

Adrian Do is the owner of a small local taxi cab service in the city of Changwon, South Korea. Adrian says that he wants to create a revolution in the taxi cab industry of South Korea with the ideas that keep popping up on his mind.

Adrian has nothing to do with the tech industry and he openly says that he is not even a child when it comes to the technology but he likes to make comments on the same from time-to-time, like recently he made a post on his taxi cab service’s official website’s blog that he used to believe that Larry Page and Sergey Brinn are two extremely intelligent businessmen until they gave up on the Orkut.

Adrian’s blog is full of fun posts. Like Adrian once mentioned that off-roading is no fun at all when it is safe as well. Adrian believes that there is no such thing as the right mix of difficulty, fun and safety when it comes to something like off-roading.

Adrian’s grandfather was a National Rally Champion and now at the age of 80, he still does marvelous off-roading.

Adrian says that with almost no manual transmission cars available in the developed nations, creating a manual transmission car with a feelsome steering as well is a great opportunity to earn Bill Gates money. Adrian says that two things that makes him love South Korea are 먹튀검증 and manual transmission cars.

Adrian believes that Fiat could be the largest and biggest hatchback car seller if they focused more on creating reliable cars rather than weird looking cars. Adrian says that he feels that Fiat creates the best small diesel engines and the diesel engines of Fiat are highly underrated due to their past deeds. Adrian says that nobody is willing to buy a Suzuki car with a diesel engine just because it has a Fiat diesel engine in it. Adrian says that no matter how much Fiat tries to convince its buyers anymore, they are going to hate it for their past bad experience.

Baccarat lover went to India as a tourist, came back as a conspiracy theorist

Chailail Aydin recently enjoyed a trip to the Indian subcontinent where she noticed things she never saw before in Thailand. One thing that Chailail found common in Thailand and India is that they play a lot of Baccarat (บาคาร่า) in both the countries. Chailail says that it was Diwali season when she arrived in India and that may be the reason why almost everyone she met was involved in playing Baccarat.

Chailail claims that the largest race and religion of India that is martial is the Sikhism and they have the fighting/warring spirit ingrained within them so much that even many of their royal members have been a part of the Indian military. Chailail doesn’t deny the fact that the Hindu Rajputs also constitute a great part of the Indian military and many of their royal members as well have been a part of the Indian military but it is nothing compared to the Sikhs. Chailail says that since the Hindus killed thousands of Sikhs back in the year 1984, the Sikhs have been asking for separation and the nation of Pakistan along with the CIA, KGB, Mossad and MI6 has been backing them. Chailail really believes that Khalistan (the land of the Sikhs) will be a separate nation within this second term of the current Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi who is also known as Teaboy all across the world and that will result in an abrupt end to this government of India which recently won elections by a huge margin due to the hacked EVM. Chailail really believes that it is the Mossad, MI6 and CIA that has been running the nation of India indirectly since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India for the first time and Chailail also claims that the Indian media and APCO are puppets of CIA, MI6 and Mossad.

Medical products manufacturer claims Clubfaust has saved thousands of lives

Nissim Eriksen recently inaugurated her dream business – a wheelchair manufacturing unit. Nissim has already started working hard on the promotion of the business, last week she organized a wheelchair sports tournament in her hometown Odense.

Nissim says that her ultimate aim is to create a company that manufactures almost all the medical products and she believes that she can achieve the same if she finds the right life partner for herself.

Being from the medical field, Nissim believes that winning bets or lotteries regularly can help the heart patients greatly. Nissim likes to give example of her cousin’s grandfather who was very prone to getting heart attacks and pains but never ever suffered again from the heart pain or attack after he won tons of money with

Nissim is a sort of political analyst and conspiracy theorist in her own way. She runs a blog where she keeps posting controversial posts all the time. Nissim claims that they are capable of creating nuclear weapons on their own in Thailand. Nissim claims that the government of Thailand, its diplomacy and others have been making sure that their nuclear invention capability remains a secret until they create at least 100 nuclear weapons on their own that can reach their potential enemies. Nissim claims that the North Korean Supreme Leader – Kim Jong-Un offered Thailand help as his secret informants living in Thailand made him aware of Thailand’s nuclear ambitions and plans but Thailand rejected and refused the offer claiming that they have no such intention and those secret informants are most likely dead by now as Kim Jong-Un must have thought that they are incapable and were giving him wrong information.

He makes high pressure jet washers, loves big engine motorcycles and good old Tangkas

Bernard Delafontaine owns a company that manufactures and sells high pressure jet washers. Bernard is a motorcycle enthusiast and blogger himself.

Bernard believes that Ducati and Aprilia are the most underrated motorcycles of the current times. Bernard believes that the reason behind the same is that there is a notion among the bikers that Italian bikes are extremely expensive to maintain and are unreliable and undurable as well. Bernard claims that the reliability, durability and cheaper maintenance costs of the Japanese motorcycles, especially those of the Honda and Suzuki are highly overrated. Bernard says that he will prefer the Italian handling, ride and quality over the overrated and over-exaggerated Japanese reliability, durability. Bernard really walks the talk and he loves his Ducati Panigale V4. Bernard also owns 2 Indian Roadmaster motorcycles as well.

Bernard wonders all the time why Mercedes doesn’t start creating motorcycles.

Bernard has studied the motorcycle industry of Indian subcontinent very well. He believes that the Indian motorcycle companies Bajaj and TVS should make an international debut. Bernard believes that the Bajaj and TVS are capable of giving the Japanese bikes a run for their money.

Bernard is really impressed by the Indian motorcycle company – Bajaj. He really applauds the company as they started off as a company that manufactured cheap scooters but now their motorcycles have been giving a tough time to the Japanese motorcycle makers Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda a tough time in the domestic market.

Apart from the motorcycles, Bernard loves agen tangkas online and his girlfriends.

Bernard is the son of a retired sergeant and and Bernard used to write speeches for NATO in the younger days.