He makes high pressure jet washers, loves big engine motorcycles and good old Tangkas

Bernard Delafontaine owns a company that manufactures and sells high pressure jet washers. Bernard is a motorcycle enthusiast and blogger himself.

Bernard believes that Ducati and Aprilia are the most underrated motorcycles of the current times. Bernard believes that the reason behind the same is that there is a notion among the bikers that Italian bikes are extremely expensive to maintain and are unreliable and undurable as well. Bernard claims that the reliability, durability and cheaper maintenance costs of the Japanese motorcycles, especially those of the Honda and Suzuki are highly overrated. Bernard says that he will prefer the Italian handling, ride and quality over the overrated and over-exaggerated Japanese reliability, durability. Bernard really walks the talk and he loves his Ducati Panigale V4. Bernard also owns 2 Indian Roadmaster motorcycles as well.

Bernard wonders all the time why Mercedes doesn’t start creating motorcycles.

Bernard has studied the motorcycle industry of Indian subcontinent very well. He believes that the Indian motorcycle companies Bajaj and TVS should make an international debut. Bernard believes that the Bajaj and TVS are capable of giving the Japanese bikes a run for their money.

Bernard is really impressed by the Indian motorcycle company – Bajaj. He really applauds the company as they started off as a company that manufactured cheap scooters but now their motorcycles have been giving a tough time to the Japanese motorcycle makers Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda a tough time in the domestic market.

Apart from the motorcycles, Bernard loves agen tangkas online and his girlfriends.

Bernard is the son of a retired sergeant and and Bernard used to write speeches for NATO in the younger days.

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