Medical products manufacturer claims Clubfaust has saved thousands of lives

Nissim Eriksen recently inaugurated her dream business – a wheelchair manufacturing unit. Nissim has already started working hard on the promotion of the business, last week she organized a wheelchair sports tournament in her hometown Odense.

Nissim says that her ultimate aim is to create a company that manufactures almost all the medical products and she believes that she can achieve the same if she finds the right life partner for herself.

Being from the medical field, Nissim believes that winning bets or lotteries regularly can help the heart patients greatly. Nissim likes to give example of her cousin’s grandfather who was very prone to getting heart attacks and pains but never ever suffered again from the heart pain or attack after he won tons of money with

Nissim is a sort of political analyst and conspiracy theorist in her own way. She runs a blog where she keeps posting controversial posts all the time. Nissim claims that they are capable of creating nuclear weapons on their own in Thailand. Nissim claims that the government of Thailand, its diplomacy and others have been making sure that their nuclear invention capability remains a secret until they create at least 100 nuclear weapons on their own that can reach their potential enemies. Nissim claims that the North Korean Supreme Leader – Kim Jong-Un offered Thailand help as his secret informants living in Thailand made him aware of Thailand’s nuclear ambitions and plans but Thailand rejected and refused the offer claiming that they have no such intention and those secret informants are most likely dead by now as Kim Jong-Un must have thought that they are incapable and were giving him wrong information.

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