Chiang Rai SEO Agency owner is addicted to betting and he doesn’t regret it at all

Makok Changmor owns a SEO agency in one of the most expensive commercial areas of the Chiang Rai city of Thailand. Makok uses blogging as the biggest method to popularize his company. Makok has tons of interesting and controversial posts on his blog like Makok claims that many of the ‘fake virus’ cloaking series was a part of the North Korean Supreme Leader – Kim Jong-Un’s conspiracy to weaken the world and the internet users. Makok claims that Kim Jong-Un used to be highly schizophrenic with a touch of megalomania back in his younger years and he believed that he could take over the world easily with some smart tricks and the cosmos was with him.

Makok claims that he has many friends working as full-time engineers at Google Inc and Google is notorious not only for confusing its searchers, optimizers and competitors but it is also notorious for confusing its engineers as well.

Makok says that uploading and embedding videos on his website played a negative role in the promotion of his SEO business instead of the positive one. Makok says that his gut feeling always told him not to post any video on his official website but he did so on the recommendation of his friends only to regret it later on.

Makok claims that the Google has been giving more importance to the websites that are more on-page optimized than off-page optimized in a more organized way than ever before. Makok further says that the same goes for the blogs.

Makok openly confesses last Monday on his blog that he has been addicted to betting on บอลสเต็ป for a while and it seems like he will keep betting on the same till the last day of his life.

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