One of Chiang Rai’s largest cafe owners introduced her BF to sbo888 and now he doesn’t have enough time for her

Kannika Range owns and runs one of the most popular cafes in the Chiang Rai Province of Thailand. Kannika has a very popular blog dedicated to her cafe and the coffee industry where she posts at least once every 2-3 days.

Kannika believes that it is extremely harmful for the vegans to have coffee regularly and that’s the reason why she is so much against the vegan cafes.

Kannika’s cafes receive a lot more footfalls on the weekdays than they do the weekends and Kannika is appreciable of the same as she believes that coffee provides you intensity and more footfalls on the weekdays than on the weekends prove that more people want to be more intense for their work than for the play.

Kannika claims that there are going to be more round the clock cafes in the near future than the 11 AM to 11 PM ones.

Kannika also believes that having pastries along with coffee is extremely bad for your health but she still cannot help but serve the same for the sake of money and business.

Kannika believes that soon enough the classic coffee drinks will disappear altogether and only the uniquely flavored innovative coffee drinks will remain.

Kannika claims that industrial atmosphere is suicide for a coffee shop in the modern times and that’s why she avoids the same at all her coffee shops.

Kannika loves to tell her personal tales as well on her blog. She recently wrote about an incident when her boyfriend asked her to make the drive memorable once when they were both traveling together in Kannika’s car and Kannika broke the car into a pole.

Kannika is also the one who introduced her boyfriend to sbo888 and now he is always busy betting on the same, so much so that he doesn’t have enough time for Kannika anymore.

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