They don’t speak Indonesian but they still know several different Agen Judi Bola

Lisa Dixon owns a very popular English language school in the city of East Jakarta which she founded back in the year 2005 when there weren’t so many English language teaching schools in East Jakarta. Lisa’s school was unique in its own way as it was the only school that had teachers from nowhere else but England. Now when there are so many other schools in East Jakarta that claim to have teachers from the United Kingdom, Lisa claims that these schools have teachers from Scotland or Ireland and not from the England and that’s what makes Lisa’s school still the only one having teachers from England.

Lisa believes that language learners need to be provided challenging goals but only if they come without making them feel treated with hostility or inferiority.

Lisa’s school has divided what they consider to be the most important three in a sequence at their school. Lisa believes that most important is the joy of learning, second most important is personalization and third most important is professionalism.

Lisa has also been working for the social improvement of Indonesia. Lisa says that in Indonesia, just like in most of the third and second world countries, it is not a common practice for the couple to cohabit before the act of marriage and the people belonging to these countries are very proud of this fact to the extent that they claim that they have an edge over their first world country countries just for the sake of it.

Lisa says that many lawyers from India are pursuing education in journalism after seeing several new politicians in the country making it owing to their mixture of journo-law background. Lisa says that these lawyers don’t have fluency or command in the English language and they are ashamed to learn the same in their home country and that’s the reason why a growing number of these has been coming to East Jakarta at Lisa’s school to pursue an English speaking course. Lisa says that what’s even more surprising is that, even though they don’t speak Indonesian language, they already know about several trusted Agen Judi Bola.

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