Child psychologist from Tangerang cannot forget the dad of a patient who got rich off mwpoker

Freya Jenkins is a child psychologist who has been practicing in the city of Tangerang for the past 19 years. Dr Freya says that the kids should be encouraged to watch sports on the television but not the sports that can make them become lazy with time and they do make kids lazy over time and the list of such sports games includes – cricket, golf, etc. Freya says that the kids should rather only be encouraged to watch sports like football, basketball, rugby, etc.

Freya says that although the studies show that there is no correlation between the ADHD and intelligence but the foods that reduce IQ level but increase focus tend to improve ADHD for both kids and adults.

Freya further says that first it was the video games, now it is the internet that is creating an addiction epidemic for the kids. Freya says that the kids nowadays aren’t as interested in the sports as their previous generations were.

Freya wants to create an entire television network dedicated to the kids with over 100 channels but she says that she doesn’t have the budget and haven’t got time either to look for the investors but she will still try her hardest to create one in the future and before anyone else does so, she adds.

Freya says that the parents must try as far as they can to provide their child with natural healthy diet instead of the supplements. Freya says that the supplements are a recent phenomena and there aren’t much studies available on the long-term effects of the same, especially vitamin D supplements.

Freya cannot forget one dad who brought his son for the treatment to Dr Freya and she told him that he will need to provide him the best of the best and his treatment will cost a lot. The father prayed to the god and the god came to him in his dreams and told him that if he bets on mwpoker on that one particular given date, he will win enough money to take care of his son for one complete year, the father did the same and it proved that it was god that indeed came to him in his dream.

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