Taruhan freak once won 10k with the same within one night

Ketut Salim is an author, conspiracy theorist and blogger who recently wrote this book which was full of the American-Jewish comedian Jackie Mason’s mentions.

Ketut mentioned that the middle finger incident that happened on Ed Sullivan’s show with Jackie Mason in the year 1964 was a pure publicity stunt and nothing else. Ketut further added that it was a pre-planned staged act.

Ketut has also mentioned that Jackie Mason being a democrat was another scripted drama by Jackie Mason. Ketut claims that the democrats paid Jackie Mason to join their political party because at that time Jackie was rising up as one of the greatest Zionist philosophers and thinkers and that’s what the democrats were after. Ketut says that in order to change their image of Anti-Zionist Pro-Palestine political party, the democrats paid Jackie Mason to join their party which Jackie did but he kept on raising his demands taking advantage of their neediness and finally the democrats gave up on them and Jackie went back to his old home – The Republican Party. Jackie was one of the most outspoken Pro-Trump person before the 2016 elections. He even created a vlog series promoting Trump all the time.

Ketut’s book may look like something Anti-Zionism or Pro-Palestine or something similar but it is none of that.

Ketut has also mentioned about his online gambling addiction in his book and how he once won 10, 000 USD within one night with Taruhan bola Online.

Ketut loves the late legendary totalitarian author Eric Arthur Blair aka George Orwell for several things and has mentioned him at several places in this book of him as well. Ketut wrote that although the Karen ethnic group of people accepted and liked Orwell more than the Indians or Sri Lankans, he still felt like a foreigner to them and vice versa.

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