SEO expert from East Jakarta won 800 USD in the first week of this month with MyBestPoker

Tariq Naik is a SEO expert from the city of East Jakarta whose blog is more popular than his SEO services.

On his blog, Tariq advises that one must not trust SEO agencies with names like Kickass Marketing, etc. Tariq claims to know about several of such agencies and their founders and he says that only he knows how unprofessional these guys are. Tariq says that although there are very few of such agencies in Indonesia, they are plenty in Thailand, India and Vietnam.

Tariq claims to know several SEO agency founders who used to be travel agents before finding their own SEO agencies. Tariq claims that these travel agents turned fake SEO experts don’t know anything about the SEO and outsource all of the business to other SEO agencies and charge you as much as 25 times of what it costs to themselves. Tariq says that they get their own website(s) created and optimized by other SEO agencies and they tell you that they guarantee you top rankings on Google, which is funny and ridiculous at the very same time.

Tariq claims that with extreme competition in the SEO and website creation field, starting and owning a SEO firm in a major city is not a prudent or shrewd decision anymore. Tariq adds that these big city customers are even smarter than their small town or village counterparts and hence if you are willing to offer the big city residents or offices your services, then be ready for a challenge, they want the value of each and every penny that they spend on your services.

Tariq doesn’t hesitate to admit that he is an online casino and gambling freak and brags that most of the times he comes up as a winner while gambling. Tariq wrote about how he won 800 USD in the first week of July this year with my bestpoker.

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