SEO and Technology Freak makes thousands of dollars with AgenQQ

Alexander Huttunen is a SEO and technology freak who claims to make thousands of dollars a month with the combination of SEO, technology and AgenQQ.

On his blog, Alexander claims to have the secret information that Yahoo! Inc wants to get into making video games. Alexander claims that Yahoo’s ideal is Rockstar Games and they want to have a monopoly in the field of RPG games. Alexander claims that the Yahoo! Inc will make its debut with a game styled like Grand Theft Auto.

Alexander personally believes that multiplayer games like PUBG are the future of the video game industry and sooner the Yahoo! Inc learns it, the better it is for them and they won’t be able to survive otherwise.

Alexander says that with the arrest of Julian Assange, things only seem to get better in the long run for the Wikipedia and he claims that the arrest of Julian Assange was just a drama targeted at making people believe more in the fake Wikipedia that regularly publishes conspiring articles in favor of the New World Order.

Alexander says that it is a pity to see that they haven’t been emphasizing much on using solar energy for running the vehicles except Velomobiles, but then again, it is a pity to see that they aren’t focusing much on reducing the prices of Velomobiles and making it a mainstream vehicle.

Alexander says that one of the tech fields that we can expect one of the greatest revolutions within is the propulsion systems. Alexander says that scientists are working on creating propulsion systems that the common man hasn’t ever imagined about.

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