Author, blogger and bookstore owner from Palembang city loves betting online

Raif Akbay is an author and blogger who recently out of his love for the books recently inaugurated a bookstore in one of the plushest neighborhoods of the Palembang city.

Raif claims to know about one bookstore chain that was run by MGTOW in the Istanbul city. Raif says that all the books in his library were misogynistic from the very start and that’s the reason why his bookstore’s life also was very short. Raif says that most of the customers at any bookstore are generally women and little did this MGTOW bookstore owner from Istanbul know about it until his bookstore finally had to be shut down.

Raif claims that the recent growing contradictions among the historians have made the history books decline in popularity at a greater pace than ever before. Raif claims that the history book industry is in quiet desperation and it seems like it will never be able to stand back again.

Raif says that it is funny how the male customers of bookstores nowadays are too much concerned for greetings especially if the staff of the bookstore is an attractive female. Raif says that he doesn’t understand how do these guys find so much time to think about whether they were greeted or not. Raif says that only about 6-7 years ago, nobody in a bookstore would greet you if you weren’t a regular customer or the bookstore staff wasn’t familiar with you already or you didn’t come for a special purpose.

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