Doctor is a gambler is a religion lover is a blogger

Dr Selvi Cimen is a General Practitioner and blogger from the city of Makassar in Indonesia.

On her blog, Dr Selvi says that the joint and muscle problems among the married athletics seems to be higher than their non-married counterparts. She says that among women, it is surprisingly as high among the ones who never conceived before as it is among the ones who did once or more. Dr Selvi believes that it either has to do with regular sex or stress.

Dr Selvi writes that there was a time when most of the young patients used to be extremely patient, polite and cool and the case was the opposite for their elder counterparts but now it has all gone the opposite direction.

Dr Selvi has always been obsessed with the religions and their characters and one of the top in her list has always been Jesus Christ. Dr Selvi claims that there is no way that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit. She says that he was most likely the son of a Roman soldier and Miriam. She claims that the story of Jesus is a perfect example how far your belief about yourself can take you. Dr Selvi says the belief that he was the son of the god really made him believe that he was the one and made him act like one indeed. Dr Selvi says that Jesus’ celibacy without any struggle is nothing less than a miracle as she has seen several men and women personally who try so hard to give up all sorts of sexual activities but only fail but for Jesus it was nothing. Dr Selvi further adds that if he was really the son of that Roman soldier and Miriam than the claim by the doctors that the babies belonging to two distinct breeds turn out to be better is proven true again.

Dr Selvi has been an ardent lover of gambling, casino and betting since her college days and although she doesn’t find the time to gamble, bet or visit real life casinos anymore, she is very regular on the Sbobet gambling scene and perhaps knows the names of all trusted Sbobet gambling agents (Agen Sbobet Terpercaya).

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