The most genuine and trustworthy thing about New Zealand is its online casinos, claims a Taupo author

Misha Lee is an author and blogger who recently completed writing a book titled ‘Richard Pearse – The Greatest Lie in the Flight History’.

In her book, Misha writes, the claim that Richard Pearse flew and landed an air machine 9 months before the Wright brothers is a myth created by the envious New Zealand as an answer to the glorious America that was creating one revolutionary invention after another.

Misha writes that when it took Richard Pearse over 4 years to come up with a bicycle with vertical crank gears and self-inflating tyres, how could he manage to invent a flying machine within less than a year. Misha says that there were inventors across the world that were trying to build a flying machine across the world before the Wright brothers but nobody got full success except the Wright brothers and Richard Pearse was one of those as well and they didn’t glorify him in the mainstream media in the year 1903 at all. She writes that it was only after the Wright brothers successfully flew and landed a flying machine that they started claiming that an inventor named Richard Pearse has done it 9 months before.

Misha writes that the biggest proof that Richard Pearse could never invent a flying machine is that he voluntarily moved to the hilly Milton city in Otago region in the year 1911 where flying back in that time was impossible. Misha claims that a 34 year old, passionate young inventor like Richard would rather prefer to move to the place where he can find nothing to eat rather than being somewhere where it is hilly and impossible to fly and land a plane. Misha believes that he was being enforced by the government of New Zealand to claim that he had invented a flying machine and it wasn’t his own personal idea.

Misha believes that the most genuine thing about New Zealand is nzd online casinos and perhaps it is the most genuine thing in the world.

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