Gambler wife refuses to support her auto journalist husband

Patrick Owen is an auto journalist and blogger from the city of Iksan in South Korea.

Patrick claims on his blog that he knows about a secret rumor that the Kawasaki and Peugeot are merging up to become the greatest auto manufacturer of all times. Patrick writes that they will produce trucks, cars, motorcycles and buses together. Patrick writes that the Peugeot is going to use its prowess in making diesel engines and Kawasaki is going to use its prowess in creating the petrol engines and not to mention that both the companies are great at creating beautiful vehicle designs.

Patrick Owen claims that some auto journalists leave their jobs for reasons so stupid that it is even hard to believe.

Patrick believes that each and every SUV must be able to provide the comfort and space of a vanity van and the comfort and luxury of a limo if the automakers want the SUV category to stay in the business and not get replaced by any other. Patrick writes that he doesn’t hope that some existing auto manufacturer is going to do it but he really hopes that a newcomer automaker with a young CEO will.

Patrick’s one and only wife is an astrobiologist and it is a pity that she never helps or support Patrick in his endeavors. She spends most of the time at home, betting on 안전놀이터 and when Patrick wants to play with her at the night, she just teases him and disappears to bet again. Patrick has been advising all his friends and nephews to never get married if they wanna live happily and with prosperity.

Jacksonville Chinese restaurant owner’s brother introduced her to online gambling

Loreen Kimani is a Chinese restaurant owner from the city of Jacksonville in Florida who doesn’t believe in the modern interpretation of the classic dishes and that’s why they only serve the classic dishes the classic way and the modern dishes the modern way at her restaurant.

Loreen is blunt enough to say that Indian restaurants are your better bet when it comes to eating some vegetable soup. She writes on her blog that she herself goes to a nearby Indian restaurant for her daily dose of vegetable soup.

Loreen writes on her blog that she is really amazed at how some restaurants are still able to survive with cash payment only.

Loreen says that she is amazed at how chicken spring rolls sell so much till date even after being so old.

Loreen has a very popular blog where she writes mostly personal things. Loreen’s most recent post was about the WWE Wrestler – Rob Van Dam coming to her restaurant. Loreen writes that RVD is a very friendly and nice guy and he let everyone that pursued him to take a selfie with himself.

Loreen has an engineer brother who used to make money with full-time gambling and poker until recently. He also recommended 먹튀 to Loreen, which Loreen has been very regular to since the day she was introduced to the same. Loreen writes on her personal blog that her brother used to be extravagantly showy and flashy till he used to make money with gambling full-time but since he started his own IT company, he follows the likes of Steve Jobs and wears nothing but Black T-Shirt and Blue Jeans everyday to work and also at home. She writes that it is amazing how disciplined he has become although it doesn’t look to her like he is happy with his new lifestyle.

Makassar’s Ice Cream Queen introduces a new flavor each Saturday and then she goes home to bet online

Antonia Byrum owns and operates one of the most popular ice cream parlours in the city of Makassar in Indonesia. It may be one of the most popular ice cream parlours in the city, but it is amazing how Antonia has taken care of the large number of customers that there is never a long line there to wait behind.

Antonia’s ice cream parlour is always hopping, no matter whether it is Summer, Winter, Autumn, Monday or Saturday.

The most popular thing that they serve at Antonia’s Ice Cream Parlour is Strawberry Sorbet which Antonia herself drank for the very first time when she was in Shiraz, Iran.

Antonia loves to experiment a lot with dried fruit recipes.

Antonia’s Ice Cream Parlour is named after her grandmother who happens to be the actual founder of the same.

Antonia’s Ice Cream Parlour introduces a new flavor every Saturday. They have been doing this for the past 7 years now. Antonia also discovered her most favorite Agen Bola 7 years ago as well.

Antonia applauds Google Places for the way they have tackled the fake negative reviews by the competitors.

Antonia only believes in employing young staff at her ice cream parlour and shockingly, they are made to leave before they hit the age 30. Antonia hates to say goodbye to them but adds that it only leaves bad impression if the customers see older people working at an ice cream shop.

Antonia’s Ice Cream Parlour used to sell more smoothies than the ice creams between 2005-2011.

Antonia’s Ice Cream Parlour also has the largest number of variety when it comes to Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Antonia loves the 80s music and she is glad that 80s still rule the Ice Cream Parlour music game.

Medan Dermatologist’s most favorite pastime is Live Casino

Dr Jessica Attenborough is a Dermatologist from the city of Medan in Indoensia who says that no matter how many fancy affordable or luxury SUVs come and go, sedans and coupes are always going to be the doctors’ most favorite. She writes on her blog that she doesn’t know a single doctor that drives a pick-up truck.

Dr Jessica Attenborough writes that in the past, they used to attribute hyperhidrosis to excessive masturbation, excessive sexual activity, being sexually aroused all the time, but now the evidence states otherwise.

Dr Jessica writes that skin and hair are two of the greatest factors that determine the quality of your life and sometimes, how long you are expected to live as well.

Dr Jessica writes that no matter how many studies they conduct and no matter what they say, she is not willing to accept that being overweight or obese has anything to do with the acne.

Dr Jessica writes that there are several interesting and fun videos all over the internet regarding different skin disorders, most of those are misinformational and some are very dangerous as well. She adds that you must always make sure that you are watching one by a certified specialist otherwise it is mostly better to stay away from it.

Dr Jessica writes that those who believe that the acne is caused by bad blood really need to shut up. She writes that there are still tribes in India and Africa that believe that scratching or pulling the acne will cure it and also get rid of the bad blood inside the body.

Dr Jessica Attenborough never gets tired of repeating on her blog that Dermatologists are also human beings that love to chill whenever they can and her personal favorite way of chilling is Live Casino.

Bangkok Pediatric Doctor is obsessed with talking bonobos and GCLUB

Dr Shayla Ramirez is a pediatric doctor who has been practicing in the city of Bangkok for the past 7 years now. Dr Shayla is a very outspoken pediatric blogger as well and her blog posts are full of interesting material on them.

Dr Shayla says that there is no denying that the ancient Hindus knew very well that the children must not be treated the same way as adults and in some parts of India, they even had separate doctors for treating children but the only thing that they relied upon was to decrease the dosage of the same medicine that they gave to their adults which has been proven to be a harmful pediatric system in the modern day and age.

Dr Shayla doesn’t agree with American Academy of Pediatrics when they recommend that people should be only under pediatric care upto the age of 21. She says that it is only for the people that hit the puberty in their late teens which very rarely happens nowadays.

Dr Shayla is obsessed with the talking bonobos – Kanzi, Panbanisha and their kids. Dr Shayla claims that Panbanisha learning more English words in a much shorter time than her half-brother Kanzi is the proof that even among apes, the women are far better learners than the men.

Dr Shayla claims that it was some other Bonobo whose name is also Kanzi who was shown playing Pacman in the viral Youtube video. Dr Shayla says that she can recognize Kanzi with a glimpse and she bets that it wasn’t him who was playing the game of Pac-Man in that viral video.

Dr Shayla is also obsessed with online betting and her favorite website is GCLUB, where she logs in at least once a day and is perhaps logged in there right now as well.

UPS business owner from Bangkok only lives to get a huge bang for her buck

Elvira Vercetti owns a UPS business in the Bangkok city which she has been successfully running for the past 7 years now. Elvira recently made a trip to India and came back ‘not-too-happy’.

Elvira writes on her personal blog that there is something about the Rapti river that has transformed so many householders into great yogis who meditated around it and drank only the water belonging to it during those days, but she believes that one of the most revered Indian yogis and saints – Gorakhnath is not one of those who got enlightened here.

After completing her tour of India, Elvira has turned into a huge critic of the revered Hindu saint – Gorakhnath. Elvira writes that if the yogis of the Gorakhnath tradition have always been so strong – physically and mentally, and have the so-called exaggerated miraculous powers, then why did they let their main city, which is now called Ahmednagar – a Muslim name, invaded so many times. She writes that they could have finished the invaders with their so-called miraculous powers or fight them till their death, which they clearly did not, which proves another point that they are cowards as well.

Elvira also saw some Hindu mythological TV programs while she was in India and watching and hearing those guys speak the English words and acting so modern, she says that the day is not far when the greatest Hindu gods will be seen wearing Sherwanis, denims, suits and hats.

Elvira says that she went to India to get rid of her greatest addiction, which goes by the name – 안전놀이터 , but came back even a bigger addict due to the boredom she faced there.

Indonesian businessman started drinking beer while betting inspired by Tu Youyou

Budi Siet is a rich Indonesian businessman who owns his own solar farm. Budi is a blogger as well and he really works extensively to campaign for the feminist movement.

When I last spoke to Budi, he told me that he was busy looking for more information on the life of Hannah Myrick, one of the very first female doctors in the United States, who lived to be 102 years old but there is very few information available about. He also told me that he would love to author a book on her life if he could find enough information regarding her.

Budi was gambling online on his most favorite online football gambling (Judi Bola) website while I spoke to him on the phone.

Last week, Budi posted a wonderful article on the life of legendary Chinese pharma chemist and educator – Tu Youyou.

I don’t know whether it was a joke or reality, Budi wrote that Tu Youyou attributes her long life to her love for good old beer and although Budi didn’t like beer before, he is going to drink a can everyday now since he got to learn that it is the secret behind Tu Youyou’s long life and genius.

Budi believes that they should have given the Nobel Prize to Tu Youyou long ago but they didn’t do so because she is a Chinese and they are rational towards the Chinese genius and people.

Budi joked that they wanted to give the Lasker Award and Nobel Prize to Tu Youyou after she dies, but she outlived all that were waiting for her to die.

Budi claims that Tu has attempted several times to become 100% vegetarian but she ends up vomiting the food each time she tries and once even started hating the food and didn’t eat any for 3 days after she tried. Tu says that she would have loved to be a carnivores but she knows that it is bad for health and that’s why she is not one.

They are going to rule the city of Shambala just like they rule casino reelemperor – with utmost care

Elena Putina is a Russian author and blogger who was born, raised and still lives in the city of Sochi.

Elena has been doing a research on the mythological cities for over 2 years now and she says that she is going to complete the book that she has been writing on the same for roughly around the same time. Within these past 2 years, Elena has made several blog posts regarding several mythological cities including Shamballa aka Shangri-La.

Elena knows a bit of languages belonging to the Indian subcontinent and she claims that Maitreya is not the name of the reincarnation of the Buddha but rather it means ‘Half-Blood’ in the Punjabi language which according to her means in the context of the city of Shambala, that the ruler of the city of Shambala will not be Buddha, but rather half-man and half-god.

Elena truly believes that the Kalachakra Tantra is completely right when it says that the world will come to end by 2424 AD and the golden age will begin once again but Elena claims that the golden age will not re-begin on this planet but rather some other planet where the gods will coexist along with the human beings and the creatures that the human beings of today know nothing about.

Elena’s most favorite pastime after writing is betting online and she is one of the most frequent betters at the Russian casino reelemperor.