They are going to rule the city of Shambala just like they rule casino reelemperor – with utmost care

Elena Putina is a Russian author and blogger who was born, raised and still lives in the city of Sochi.

Elena has been doing a research on the mythological cities for over 2 years now and she says that she is going to complete the book that she has been writing on the same for roughly around the same time. Within these past 2 years, Elena has made several blog posts regarding several mythological cities including Shamballa aka Shangri-La.

Elena knows a bit of languages belonging to the Indian subcontinent and she claims that Maitreya is not the name of the reincarnation of the Buddha but rather it means ‘Half-Blood’ in the Punjabi language which according to her means in the context of the city of Shambala, that the ruler of the city of Shambala will not be Buddha, but rather half-man and half-god.

Elena truly believes that the Kalachakra Tantra is completely right when it says that the world will come to end by 2424 AD and the golden age will begin once again but Elena claims that the golden age will not re-begin on this planet but rather some other planet where the gods will coexist along with the human beings and the creatures that the human beings of today know nothing about.

Elena’s most favorite pastime after writing is betting online and she is one of the most frequent betters at the Russian casino reelemperor.

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