Indonesian businessman started drinking beer while betting inspired by Tu Youyou

Budi Siet is a rich Indonesian businessman who owns his own solar farm. Budi is a blogger as well and he really works extensively to campaign for the feminist movement.

When I last spoke to Budi, he told me that he was busy looking for more information on the life of Hannah Myrick, one of the very first female doctors in the United States, who lived to be 102 years old but there is very few information available about. He also told me that he would love to author a book on her life if he could find enough information regarding her.

Budi was gambling online on his most favorite online football gambling (Judi Bola) website while I spoke to him on the phone.

Last week, Budi posted a wonderful article on the life of legendary Chinese pharma chemist and educator – Tu Youyou.

I don’t know whether it was a joke or reality, Budi wrote that Tu Youyou attributes her long life to her love for good old beer and although Budi didn’t like beer before, he is going to drink a can everyday now since he got to learn that it is the secret behind Tu Youyou’s long life and genius.

Budi believes that they should have given the Nobel Prize to Tu Youyou long ago but they didn’t do so because she is a Chinese and they are rational towards the Chinese genius and people.

Budi joked that they wanted to give the Lasker Award and Nobel Prize to Tu Youyou after she dies, but she outlived all that were waiting for her to die.

Budi claims that Tu has attempted several times to become 100% vegetarian but she ends up vomiting the food each time she tries and once even started hating the food and didn’t eat any for 3 days after she tried. Tu says that she would have loved to be a carnivores but she knows that it is bad for health and that’s why she is not one.

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