Bangkok Pediatric Doctor is obsessed with talking bonobos and GCLUB

Dr Shayla Ramirez is a pediatric doctor who has been practicing in the city of Bangkok for the past 7 years now. Dr Shayla is a very outspoken pediatric blogger as well and her blog posts are full of interesting material on them.

Dr Shayla says that there is no denying that the ancient Hindus knew very well that the children must not be treated the same way as adults and in some parts of India, they even had separate doctors for treating children but the only thing that they relied upon was to decrease the dosage of the same medicine that they gave to their adults which has been proven to be a harmful pediatric system in the modern day and age.

Dr Shayla doesn’t agree with American Academy of Pediatrics when they recommend that people should be only under pediatric care upto the age of 21. She says that it is only for the people that hit the puberty in their late teens which very rarely happens nowadays.

Dr Shayla is obsessed with the talking bonobos – Kanzi, Panbanisha and their kids. Dr Shayla claims that Panbanisha learning more English words in a much shorter time than her half-brother Kanzi is the proof that even among apes, the women are far better learners than the men.

Dr Shayla claims that it was some other Bonobo whose name is also Kanzi who was shown playing Pacman in the viral Youtube video. Dr Shayla says that she can recognize Kanzi with a glimpse and she bets that it wasn’t him who was playing the game of Pac-Man in that viral video.

Dr Shayla is also obsessed with online betting and her favorite website is GCLUB, where she logs in at least once a day and is perhaps logged in there right now as well.

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