Gambler wife refuses to support her auto journalist husband

Patrick Owen is an auto journalist and blogger from the city of Iksan in South Korea.

Patrick claims on his blog that he knows about a secret rumor that the Kawasaki and Peugeot are merging up to become the greatest auto manufacturer of all times. Patrick writes that they will produce trucks, cars, motorcycles and buses together. Patrick writes that the Peugeot is going to use its prowess in making diesel engines and Kawasaki is going to use its prowess in creating the petrol engines and not to mention that both the companies are great at creating beautiful vehicle designs.

Patrick Owen claims that some auto journalists leave their jobs for reasons so stupid that it is even hard to believe.

Patrick believes that each and every SUV must be able to provide the comfort and space of a vanity van and the comfort and luxury of a limo if the automakers want the SUV category to stay in the business and not get replaced by any other. Patrick writes that he doesn’t hope that some existing auto manufacturer is going to do it but he really hopes that a newcomer automaker with a young CEO will.

Patrick’s one and only wife is an astrobiologist and it is a pity that she never helps or support Patrick in his endeavors. She spends most of the time at home, betting on 안전놀이터 and when Patrick wants to play with her at the night, she just teases him and disappears to bet again. Patrick has been advising all his friends and nephews to never get married if they wanna live happily and with prosperity.

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