Catholic Family Hospital owner from Singapore loves humor and Online Togel

Dr Richard Manurung owns a family hospital in Singapore. Dr Richard loves himself some good humor and a game of Data SGP every now and then and that’s the reason why his one and only blog is so full of interesting and full-of-humor posts.

Dr Richard Manurung writes on his blog that many a times, love at first sight really happens at the waiting rooms of the hospitals, which literally makes the doctor and the hospital owner feel and look like a matchmaker.

Dr Richard is a strict catholic whose family hospital doesn’t provide any sort of care for what is against the catholic religion. Dr Richard doesn’t allow IVF, surrogacy, cosmetic surgery and they don’t have a single sexologist in the entire hospital.

Dr Richard Manurung writes on his blog that he really wants to do something for the betterment of the ambulance services. Dr Richard really hopes that there will be flying ambulance services in the future or they will create separate roadways for the ambulances.

Dr Richard believes that all the treatments and cures for shoulder dislocation are either outdated or inefficient and that’s the reason why he really wants to do something about it, and he is also amazed that not many doctors are worried about this fact.

Dr Richard believes that the Basic Life Support all around the world is far more expensive than it ought to be and he wants to do something about it as well.

Dr Richard believes that Bankart repair is the most underrated operation for habitual anterior shoulder dislocation and that’s the reason why Dr Richard has been campaigning all he can for its popularity.

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