Bandung blogger has a special hatred against Donald Trump and special love for the good old ‘Judi’

Will Bennion is a blogger from Bandung, Indonesia with a special hatred against the current President of the United States of America – Donald Trump and special love for bandar judi, which he claims on his blog that he can never get enough of and has won tens of thousands of dollars with till date.

Will writes on his blog that President Donald Trump has his own friends in the pharmaceutical business and that’s the reason why he is going after the medicare industry, so that he can only benefit his friends in the pharmaceutical industry.

Will writes that Donald Trump made no efforts at all in ending the sanctuary cities at all, it was a completely scripted drama that he worked on.

Will believes that Donald Trump is definitely going to stall the birthright citizenship without any doubt at all.

Will writes that the death penalty for cop killers is going to take the USA back to 1910 and Trump knows it and that’s the reason why he used this promise during his campaign, just so that he could increase the number of promises in his list.

Will writes that out of the $550 Billion US Dollar in infrastructure as promised by Donald Trump, he will make sure that the most of it goes to his own company.

Will has always had a great interest in the Indian politics. He writes on his blog that Amit Shah – the current Home Minister of India has threatened the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi for life if he doesn’t make Amit Shah the next Prime Minister of India. Will claims that Amit Shah has a criminal history and that’s why Narendra Modi is taking the threat of Amit Shah very seriously and is going to announce Amit Shah as his successor soon enough.

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