Historian and Thai author believes that A Shot of Truth is to the Thai online gambling industry what Rurik was to Russia

Darrin Patrick is an amateur Thai historian who recently completed writing his first book on the Russian historical figure and legend at the same time – Rurik. Darrin writes on his blog that he decided to write his first book on the life and death of the Russian emperor Rurik because he is the man that has fascinated him the most in his life.

I was perhaps the first Non-Thai person to buy this book by Darrin. Darrin has appreciated the French historian – Constantin Zuckerman throughout his book. Darrin writes that Constantin Zuckerman is absolutely right when he says that Rurik’s son – Igor of Kiev only got to rule for 3 years.

Darrin has mentioned more than a couple of times in his book and also on his personal blog that Rurik and Rorik of Dorestad were 2 completely different people and although there are many similarities between the accounts of the two and also their names, the times that they lived and ruled, there is no way that they both were a single person.

Darrin writes that Rurik was a Scandinavian ethnically and there is no doubt about that. Darrin writes that all the evidences point to the fact that Rurik was a Scandinavian. Darrin claims that he was also one of a kind in a way that he didn’t look down upon the other tribes, rather he respected their traditions and cultures.

Darrin writes in his book that Ladoga existed way before Rurik captured it and turned it into his residence, but it was Rurik who restored and evolved the broken Ladoga, just like the creator of https://ashotoftruth.org restored and evolved the online gambling industry of Thailand.

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