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Mark Palmer is an Indonesian author who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of the Russian emperor – Vladimir the Great, the man who was the grand prince of Kiev from 980 AD to 1015 AD.

Mark Palmer writes in his book that the conversion of Vladimir the Great to Christianity was a 100% political move. Mark claims that Vladimir the Great knew that it would be easier for himself and his descendants to rule the Kievan Rus like that. Mark writes that it was also a great move in order to make alliances with his neighboring Christian empires with ease.

Mark writes in his book that Vladimir loved racing horses and was one of the best horseriders of all times, just like Mark himself is one of the best players on situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya.

Mark writes that Vladimir the Great already had the insight of creating something like a vending machine but unfortunately, he wasn’t a scientist or an engineer and even if he were one, Mark writes that it would be impossible for him to create something like a vending machine during those times.

Mark also writes that Vladimir didn’t believe that his son Yaroslav the Wise was the best person to succeed him until his later years. Mark adds that Vladimir was amazed at the wisdom and vision of Yaroslav in his last years.

Mark writes in his book that the book “The Tale of Bygone Years” cannot be trusted at all when it comes to Rurik and some of its successors. Mark claims in his book and also on his blog that Nestor was both biased for against Rurik and its successors to come and that’s the reason why, a chronicle written by him cannot be fully trusted as Nestor has clearly made many errors at many different places in that book.

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