Kanchanaburi Nephrologist believes that the only immensely pleasurable thing that comes without any sort of side-effect is Online Sports Betting

Dr William Watkins is a Nephrologist from Kanchanaburi, Thailand who claims that obesity causes as much risk for your kidneys as it does for your heart.

Dr William says that atherosclerosis is far more common among the men than in the women and it seems that the difference in their choice of substance addiction is the reason along with the quantities of the substances that they take. Dr William adds that Tobacco has been proven time and again to be one of the greatest cause for atherosclerosis and more studies have been going on in this arena to discover other factors as well.

Dr William claims that the renal trauma is far more common among the obese people and the people suffering with anorexia than it is with the athletes. Dr William adds that among athletes, it is most common among the boxers, wrestlers and rugby players.

Dr William Watkins writes on his blog that still more than 70% of the causes for proteinuria are unidentified, which is a shame.

Dr William Watkins believes that anemia has become a very underrated disease lately and he doesn’t agree with the claim that the no.1 cause of kidney failure is diabetes. Dr William Watkins claims that the chronic constipation combined with overeating is the no.1 cause for the kidney failure.

Dr William Watkins claims that karezza and tantric sex causes nephrotic syndrome like no other and someone needs to spread awareness regarding the dangers of karezza and tantric sex. Dr William claims that he has been working on to find all the hidden dangers of the karezza and tantric sex before it is too late.

Dr William believes that the only thing that comes without any sort of side-effects and brings immense pleasure is กีฬา ออนไลน์, which he can never get enough of.

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