Author doesn’t trust air mail companies but she trusts gambling for making a fortune overnight

Adah Abel is an author who doesn’t trust air mail companies at all. Adah writes about almost everything but her first love is automobiles, especially Japanese cars.

Adah recently gifted her husband a Honda Civic Type R with the money that she won with online betting believing that he only likes Hondas as he already owned 3 cars before and all of them were Hondas. Adah’s husband wanted a Toyota Corolla instead as she never had a Toyota and wanted to experience the so-called reliability and durability of the Toyota cars himself personally but he was happy with his brand new Civic Type R nonetheless.

Adah is not a racist and she believes that some middle-eastern, Indian and Chinese people that she is familiar with are some of the smartest people ever but Adah says that overall only the Whites, the Jews and the Japanese deserve to be called advanced and modern human beings.

Adah hates novels and she only likes books with useful information and she really practices what she preaches in her profession as well. Adah has never written a novel herself and she only writes about what she considers to be useful information.

Adah’s husband loves novels and his favorite novelist of all time is Kristine Rolofson. He also loves to read Harlequin Blaze Books.

Adah believes that some people are born creative but the rest can learn how to become creative by trying and practicing hard.

Adah is a trilingual as she speaks fluent English, French and Italian. Adah learnt French on her own while she was still pursuing her graduation from the University of Birmingham and she learnt Italian when she was pregnant with her one and only baby yet. Adah’s baby is only 9 months young now and he doesn’t speak at the moment. Adah is curious to see whether he already knows Italian.

Adah is currently busy writing a book on online gambling and using what tricks she made so much money with 메이저안전공원.

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