Celibate for 7 years and online gambler for 7 months – Joseph Ramirez started a mattress company with the winning amount

Joseph Ramirez has been practicing absolute celibacy for the past 7 years because someone told him that only absolute celibacy can cure schizophrenia without any medicines with side-effects. Joseph says that along with curing schizophrenia, celibacy has provided him with uncountable benefits that far outweigh the cure of schizophrenia. Joseph says that he looks much better now, feels blissful all the time and also feels so strong that it feels to him like he can defeat an elephant with his bare hands. Joseph never took any sort of supplements, not even the protein ones and he only works out 5 days a week, 1 hour each day but he gets asked all the time everywhere whether he is participating in a championship.

Joseph is a student of chemistry but he has several differences with the local chemistry taught everywhere. Joseph says that no scientist or chemist is yet able to understand what is energy till date and none of the chemists has ever been able to understand what life and yet they call life is energy.
Joseph fears what’s gonna happen to the so-called abundant elements on the earth’s crust as nothing is going to be left due to the over-consumption of a species called human beings.

Joseph says that along with kinetic and potential energy, there is another sort of energy which the scientists haven’t been able to discover yet.

Joseph also says that god particle should be renamed to something else because there is no such thing as god and there cannot be one.

Joseph recently started a mattresses company with the money that he won with one of the popular and hot online casino (แนะนําคาสิโนออนไลน์) bets using the tips and tricks that he learnt through a gambling blog.

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