Founded a metal detector company with the Slot money and now working on building the first reliable human speedometer

Klava Nakajima has been working on building the world’s first and reliable – Human Speedometer. Klava claims that this upcoming human speedometer will be able to tell you your exact speed as it is and it will not run on batteries and neither it will have to be charged and she will make sure that it lasts as long as possible.

Klava’s brother – Gustaf is a politician who really created a memorable funny moment for the entire family after he won the elections. Gustaf was so troubled by the constipation on the day of the results that he didn’t even smile after winning the elections and had this sad face all day long.

Klava is a car enthusiast and this is quite evident from the pictures of K-cars of the past and present times all over his home ceiling. Klava also owns a Suzuki Swift Sport. Klava sold its backseat and placed a mattress in its place.

Klava accuses General Motors and Chrysler of paying huge money to the Youtubers for promoting their cars. Klava says that she got an offer from GM herself which she refused. Klava says that no matter how hard the GM and Chrysler try, they are never going to get their glory back, Japanese car makers are going to rule the auto industry for at least 20-30 more years.

Klava used to be a huge Cadillac fan in her childhood. Klava says that while Cadillac has never been able to compete with its German rivals when it came to the joy of driving and engineering but it still looks more premium compared to any of its German rivals. Klava recently founded a company that manufactures metal detectors with the money she won over a time period of 6 months with a slot machine using the tricks she learnt with a gambling forum.

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