Mr Gun Kim hopes to buy a Gold Kawasaki Ninja H2R with Imajbet money

Gun Kim recently bought a Datsun Go with the money that he won with Imajbet. Gun says that he hated the experience of buying a Datsun as much as he loved the experience of betting on Imajbet.

Gun says that the stereo in his Datsun car makes excellent sound with superb clarity but the car is so unreliable that he is planning to sell the seats in the car and turn it into a dancing club for the kids. He says that he is certain that the stereo in his car can last for over 20 years but he is not certain that the car will last even 2 years.

Gun’s dad is a clockmaker who has been working on building a handmade clock with an option to turn the sound of the second hand on or off with the push of a button. This clock will also have a remote with the option to keep the volume of the sound of the second hand as per your choice. Gun’s dad says that his purpose behind making this clock is that he really felt that there should be a clock that can work as a countdown timer as well in the busy schedule of the people.

Gun’s dad believes that there is a strong connection between depression, Alzheimer’s disease and obesity, luckily, he himself is 73 years old and he has none of these 3 while many of his friends who have always been obese also got Alzheimer’s disease.

Gun is a huge Kawasaki motorcycle fan and he owns a Kawasaki Ninja which was also bought off by him with the Toto money. Gun makes a claim that Kawasaki Ninja is the most value for money and the smartest bike in the 250cc category. Gun’s dream is to buy a Kawasaki Ninja H2R, fully made of gold. Gun is certain that he will achieve his dream soon enough if he keeps winning the bets just like he has been for the past couple of years.

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