Printable 2019 Calendars are more popular than most may think, including this Cape Coral’s Toy Store owner

Nancy Gerber used to work at a toy store until she won 2 million US dollars in a lottery. Now, she owns her own toy store in the Downtown area of Cape Coral, Florida, which has been growing rapidly since the day she inaugurated it.

Nancy writes on her blog that she is very sad about the fact that she couldn’t meet her greatest hero – Ruth Handler, in life. For those who don’t know, Ruth Handler was the co-founder of Mattel and inventor of the Barbie Doll.

Nancy’s store conducted their first community classroom event at a nearby school for the first time last month. She claims to have enjoyed in thoroughly on her blog and says that it wasn’t as complex as they expected it to be. She says that they are now planning for the next one already. She says that they next one is going to take place very soon enough. Nancy made a post about one of the employees at her store finding a love of his life in a teacher at the school where they conducted this event. Nancy mentions that they have been on two dates already.

Nancy writes on her blog that she was amazed to see that the school where they conducted the event was also using the same Printable 2019 Calendar as her toy store. She used to believe that she was the only one but now she is certain that there are millions others who are using the same.

Nancy is a devout Catholic and she believes that Mary – the mother of Jesus Christ is the most important matriarch followed by Eve – the wife of Adam.

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