Successful SEO agency owner loves online football betting

Emma Botbol is a SEO agency owner who discourages all her blog viewers to never buy links from anywhere, especially eBay and Fiverr.

Emma stopped hanging out with her dropout unemployed friends the day she learnt about the ways to make money online and one of those is online football betting, thanks to the trusted Agen Bola Online that she discovered through a forum.

Emma is very critical of the guys and girls who say that Google and other major search engines don’t let the porn and gambling websites appear much higher in relative terms and give priority to the non-relevant regular websites. Emma says that the Google doesn’t penalize porn, adult and gambling websites for nothing. There are some misdeeds that the websites from the adult and gambling category commit which are entire discouraged by the Google but Google never discloses about those and perhaps it never will so that the mischievous websites don’t find out another way to bluff Google or other search engines.

Emma got curious about the Internet Marketing after she learnt that several of the most popular school and college mates of her got involved in the Internet Marketing after scoring excellent grades in college.

Emma says that she cannot forget the time when she used to spend a lot of it doing a research about online marketing with her cat – Osho sitting on her lap.

Emma is also very critical of the people who claim that what Google mostly believes to be the ten most relevant results are generally the top 10 pages ranked by some of the most experienced and smartest SEO companies and individuals and are rarely of much relevance.

Emma says that most website owners of successful and excellent businesses don’t care much about ranking their websites and that’s where they make a huge mistake and fail to recognize the potential of internet marketing or search engine optimization for their businesses.

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