This small packing company owner hates conspiracy theories but loves sports betting

Karen Salerno owns a packing company located right in the opposite of a legal brother. Karen always hated the location of her company because of that very brothel but she doesn’t hate it anymore because one of the men who is one of the very regular clients of that brothel was the one who told Karen about a secret that turned Karen into a multimillionaire overnight after she did find the best sports betting sites. This guy is of Indonesian origin and like most Indonesians, he is a gambling addict but instead of losing the money with gambling, he always ends up winning it because of his smarts and after seeing Karen’s pretty face and stunning body, he forgot all about that he should keep it a secret. He believed that after winning those millions, Karen will be so impressed by him that she will end up sleeping with him but Karen is not one of those cheap brothel girls that he is used to meeting, she is a respected businesswoman and even her husband has to take an appointment before kissing or touching her.

Karen lived in Trinidad and Tobago for five years and she still misses the shrewdness and sensibility of the people that live there. Karen says that it is unbelievable how the people of Trinidad and Tobago don’t believe rumors or anything that cannot be verified so easily like the people in most western countries. Karen says that she cannot believe her eyes when she sees thousands of people lining up to see conspiracy theorists like David Icke, a guy that makes no sense at all and is most definitely a troll who is making a fortune on the gullibility of the poor Americans and Europeans. Karen was more than shocked to learn that one of her nieces is also a believer of David Icke’s conspiracy theories.

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