People belonging to the lower castes in India are lied that the iron or steel business is destructive, says an online baccarat champion and astrologer

Marwa Breza is an amateur jack of all trades who claims that the Japanese people share the same DNA as the aboriginal people of the Australian continent. Marwa says that the Japanese and the Australian aboriginal people used to be one people during the ice age. Marwa rejects the theory and belief that the Japanese people are a Chinese tribe and she says that she can prove her theory to be a fact with the DNA tests.

Professionally, Marwa is an astrologer and a Feng Shui consultant who believes that the iron and steel businesses turn out to be the most profitable sort of business if their headquarters are located at some area where the monsoon is rampant otherwise they fail. Marwa says that almost all the prehistoric and ancient Hindu people knew it and the modern India Brahmins also do the same and that’s why so many Hindu Brahmins are involved in the steel and iron business whereas the Hindu people belonging to the other castes prefer to stay away from any business that has anything to do with iron or steel.

Marwa lived in India for quite a while and she had several funny, some positive and many negative experiences there. Marwa says that it is funny that an average Indian thinks that he/she is superior to a person of Chinese origin just because they are comparatively taller. Marwa also says that every Indian claims to be the son or daughter of the soil but when given a chance to migrate to another country, he/she doesn’t even give a second thought whether he should stay in India anymore.

Marwa recently won a nine hundred thousand American dollars with บาคาร่าออนไลน์ using the tips and tricks that she learnt with a blog different gambling related blogs. Marwa is still confused as to what to do with the amount she won.

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