UFA Bet rescued this moody multilingual lady and her little one after the death of her husband

Paithoon Banlengchit is not ashamed to admit that she looks down upon the people of the previous generations. Paithoon has what they call the perfect cheekbones and she attributes the same to her addiction to chewing gums. Almost all the members of Paithoon’s family have been involved in law enforcement one way or another except Paithoon. When Paithoon was little, she decided that she is not going to be a part of the law enforcement. She started working as a data entrant part-time while she was still in school and she decided not to go to the college as she thought of herself as too smart for going to a university/college.

Paithoon married early as well. Paithoon gave birth to her first baby when she was only 21 and Paithoon received a great shock when her bus driver husband died in a road accident. Paithoon had no idea about how she is going to survive and take care of her little one without her husband but as they say, god has his own ways. Paithoon is a multilingual and one of her hobbies as a kid was to learn new languages, she spent more time learning different languages than she did doing her homework and that’s what helped her nurture her kid. Paithoon started teaching Thai, English and Arabic language at her home to kids between age 5 to 13. The school did well enough from the very first day to earn a bread for Paithoon and her little one but still the money wasn’t enough for Paithoon to raise her little one like the way she dreamed of when he was still in her womb.

In the month of February last year, one of Paithoon’s cousins told her that she won 20 million Thai Bahts with betting on UFA Bet for over a period of 3 months and Paithoon might want to try the same as well which Paithoon did and she was surprised when she won the same bet and over the period of last 13 months, Paithoon has won over 2 million Thai Bahts with UFA Bet, she is grateful beyond words for the day when she discovered
ufabet ทางเข้า. Paithoon has been planning to start her own mat company with the money she has been winning with UFA Bets and the same cousin of hers who recommended UFA Bet to her has promised her that she is going to help her establish the same.

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