She left her 9-5 job the day she learnt about PokerClub88, now she invents and writes between 9-5 everyday

Alice Baksa together with Joe De Sena of Spartan Race and Death Race is on a mission to create trousers that can fly. Alice has already quit her 9-5 job to work on her dreams since she got a secret of multiplying her money called PokerClub88. Alice believes that constant innovation is the requirement of every company and individual. Alice likes to give the example of Bajaj which was the first automaker in the Indian subcontinent but is now struggling.

Alice has several ex-CIA agents in her family and along with working on several other projects, Alice is busy writing a book on the conspiracies unveiled to Alice by her relatives. Alice has a huge respect for the CIA agents and she says that the CIA agents are some of the most productive people in the world.

In her book, Alice is writing about how the Quindt family is currently the most influential German family in the secret society aka Bilderberg society aka Illuminati. Alice is also writing about how the Aliens killed Rajeev Motwani (one of the three founders of Google and mentor to Sergey Brin and Larry Page). Alice is writing that the Aliens didn’t even have an idea that there are 2 other founders/partners working on creating Google. Alice is writing that the real founders of Google are the aliens that killed Mr Rajeev Motwani who found the technology by accident which infuriated the aliens very much.

Alice is writing in her book that the 9/11 was done by Russia to indulge the USA into a war with the Islamic world which is bound to destroy the USA economy and USA’s prestige.

One of Alice’s uncles worked as a spy in Iraq for years and she told her that the Kurds of Iraq although persecuted and supposedly weak are busy creating their own aircraft.

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