Online gambler wants to move to the Island of Malta and Gozo forever after she achieves her target of winning 100 million USD

Vija Berk is an amateur political analyst who claims that there is no such thing as a secret ballot when it comes to the elections for the President in India, everything is pre-decided by the party with the majority.

Vija claims that there is no way that the United States of America will ever be able to use India to take over the Republic of China, the only edge that India has over the Republic of China is command in the English language.

Vija says that India has been constantly lying about the number of tourist footfalls in its country. She says that the only country from where the tourist footfall has increased in India is Israel as the people belonging to Judaism, a monotheistic religion which is completely different from the Hinduism which is a polytheistic religion.

Vija even met a tribe in India that worships mountains because they believe that mountains are reincarnations of gods. Vija met the people of another tribe which believed that the planets Neptune and Uranus used to be gods before they got cursed by the lord Shiva.

Vija says one of the worst things that has been eating the progress of India is its reservation system which produces nothing but incompetent employees.

Vija knows so much about India because she lived in India for 7 months in the year 2017.

Vija recently bought a CD and DVD company with the money that she won with the help of pokerclub88. It was always the dream of Vija to buy a CD and DVD company.

Vija says that she wants to move to the Island of Malta and Gozo forever after she becomes a multi-millionaire. Vija loves the Mediterranean climate and the architecture of Malta and Gozo.

Ex-MI6 agent believes that online gambling will be a trillion dollar industry by 2030

June Robertson is an author who worked for MI6 for a considerable duration of time. June claims that the Russian intelligence agency – KGB has more spies in France than in any other nation because Russia fears that Germany and France together are planning to take over Russia by hacking its nuclear weapons and then committing a secret attack on it.

During her time in MI6, June got to travel to several different countries both secretly and openly. June says that she still misses out on the meat that they used to cook in Kenya. June claims that the Kikuyu tribal people of Kenya cook the meat best and the extra and special ingredients that they add to their meat makes it very nutritious without compromising on the taste.

June says that the reason behind the declining cork industry of the Portugal is the involvement of foreign powers in destroying the once glorious Portugal empire. June says that Portugal is in Europe but still isolated.

June lived in Alaska for a while when she was on a secret mission where she noticed that roughly 1 out of 4 Eskimos show cannibalistic tendencies and they are a very cold heart people in general, especially their men.

June finds it offensive when someone refers to the people of Maghreb region as Berbers. June finds it shocking that how can someone be allowed to refer to a whole race with a derogatory term that was invented by the invading foreigners.

June predicts that the number of dedicated Roman Catholics will come down to a few thousand only by the year 2050. June says that the Roman Church is planning to expel a lot of people from its church on the foundation of both doubt and truth. June says that they are going to do so in order to appear that the recent global changes which the Roman Church takes into consideration as sinful are not able to change the Roman Catholic Church at all but it is all going to go against the Roman Catholic Church instead of the favor.

June also predicts that the online gambling industry will be a trillion dollar industry by the year 2030. June believes that more and more individuals are coming into contact with regular betters on fun88 ทางเข้า that honestly tell you about the honest and genuine online gambling websites and can be completely relied upon.

Pain is temporary but those online slot games are forever

Nachalah Couture is always fairly enthusiastic about life and the struggles that come with it no matter how hard they may be.

Nachalah moved to Indonesia from Plockton, Scotland last year and she chose Bengkulu, the popular coastal city over any other because of her love with the coastal areas.

Nachalah keeps on looking for tips on monitoring her diet as she is a habitual eater. Nachalah is already in a good shape but she wants to be in the perfect shape. She sometimes even fast but fails after 4-5 hours.

Nachalah synthesizes music as a hobby. She learnt music from a website which charged her $3500 for it. Nachalah was recommended this website by a friend of hers who told Nachalah that arts is a great way to deviate her mind from eating and playing video games all the time. Nachalah successfully got rid of her video game addiction with it but she is still struggling with the eating addiction.

Nachalah exercises 6 days a week and wants to show off her body on Instagram like those music video models. There is a goldmine of music video models on Instagram and Nachalah wants to be one of them and she wants to do it so badly. Sometimes while working out, Nachalah feels like giving up but then she says to herself “Pain is temporary but that hot body is forever” and then the negative urges disappear.

Nachalah loves to gamble online and read about the same too, her current favorite gambling blog is and her favorite online gambling game is slot online terlengkap.

Car enthusiast Mimi Wilson didn’t let her bad upbringing come in the way of her gambling success

Mimi Wilson is a Chief Content Developer at a Space Magazine. Mimi’s upbringing wasn’t an ideal one. She was brought up by a Mob Accountant dad and a Wedding Photographer mom.  Mimi’s dad had a habit of verbally abusing all the time and her mother used to nag and create dramas all the time.

Mimi is a car enthusiast who says that all SUVs must be obliged to have a dynamic stability traction control otherwise traveling in them is very dangerous. Mimi only buys Volvos when it comes to buying a SUV as she believes that Volvo still makes the safest sedans and SUVs.

Mimi claims that BMW is going to introduce tractors soon enough. Mimi says that it is a secret project and the BMW is keeping the information secret and only limited to the employees involved. I asked Mimi “How do you know?” She then told me that one of the BMW employees involved is her ex-boyfriend.

Mimi once had a dream that she was made the CEO of Suzuki Japan. She was really heartbroken as soon as she woke up.

Mimi says that most of the cars exposed at Auto Expo India are never released for sale in India.

Mimi says that the rich heritage of Land Rover SUVs is not going to work long enough as they are not making reliable and value for money cars anymore.

Mimi says that she has some secret information that the Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki paid the Indian media tons of money to spread a word against the America and European cars in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She says that’s the reason why the American and European car manufacturers are not able to make their mark yet.

Mimi regularly keeps betting on Indonesian gambling websites, especially the ones that offer freebet tanpa deposit terbaru.