Car enthusiast Mimi Wilson didn’t let her bad upbringing come in the way of her gambling success

Mimi Wilson is a Chief Content Developer at a Space Magazine. Mimi’s upbringing wasn’t an ideal one. She was brought up by a Mob Accountant dad and a Wedding Photographer mom.  Mimi’s dad had a habit of verbally abusing all the time and her mother used to nag and create dramas all the time.

Mimi is a car enthusiast who says that all SUVs must be obliged to have a dynamic stability traction control otherwise traveling in them is very dangerous. Mimi only buys Volvos when it comes to buying a SUV as she believes that Volvo still makes the safest sedans and SUVs.

Mimi claims that BMW is going to introduce tractors soon enough. Mimi says that it is a secret project and the BMW is keeping the information secret and only limited to the employees involved. I asked Mimi “How do you know?” She then told me that one of the BMW employees involved is her ex-boyfriend.

Mimi once had a dream that she was made the CEO of Suzuki Japan. She was really heartbroken as soon as she woke up.

Mimi says that most of the cars exposed at Auto Expo India are never released for sale in India.

Mimi says that the rich heritage of Land Rover SUVs is not going to work long enough as they are not making reliable and value for money cars anymore.

Mimi says that she has some secret information that the Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki paid the Indian media tons of money to spread a word against the America and European cars in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She says that’s the reason why the American and European car manufacturers are not able to make their mark yet.

Mimi regularly keeps betting on Indonesian gambling websites, especially the ones that offer freebet tanpa deposit terbaru.

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