Ex-MI6 agent believes that online gambling will be a trillion dollar industry by 2030

June Robertson is an author who worked for MI6 for a considerable duration of time. June claims that the Russian intelligence agency – KGB has more spies in France than in any other nation because Russia fears that Germany and France together are planning to take over Russia by hacking its nuclear weapons and then committing a secret attack on it.

During her time in MI6, June got to travel to several different countries both secretly and openly. June says that she still misses out on the meat that they used to cook in Kenya. June claims that the Kikuyu tribal people of Kenya cook the meat best and the extra and special ingredients that they add to their meat makes it very nutritious without compromising on the taste.

June says that the reason behind the declining cork industry of the Portugal is the involvement of foreign powers in destroying the once glorious Portugal empire. June says that Portugal is in Europe but still isolated.

June lived in Alaska for a while when she was on a secret mission where she noticed that roughly 1 out of 4 Eskimos show cannibalistic tendencies and they are a very cold heart people in general, especially their men.

June finds it offensive when someone refers to the people of Maghreb region as Berbers. June finds it shocking that how can someone be allowed to refer to a whole race with a derogatory term that was invented by the invading foreigners.

June predicts that the number of dedicated Roman Catholics will come down to a few thousand only by the year 2050. June says that the Roman Church is planning to expel a lot of people from its church on the foundation of both doubt and truth. June says that they are going to do so in order to appear that the recent global changes which the Roman Church takes into consideration as sinful are not able to change the Roman Catholic Church at all but it is all going to go against the Roman Catholic Church instead of the favor.

June also predicts that the online gambling industry will be a trillion dollar industry by the year 2030. June believes that more and more individuals are coming into contact with regular betters on fun88 ทางเข้า that honestly tell you about the honest and genuine online gambling websites and can be completely relied upon.

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