Online gambler wants to move to the Island of Malta and Gozo forever after she achieves her target of winning 100 million USD

Vija Berk is an amateur political analyst who claims that there is no such thing as a secret ballot when it comes to the elections for the President in India, everything is pre-decided by the party with the majority.

Vija claims that there is no way that the United States of America will ever be able to use India to take over the Republic of China, the only edge that India has over the Republic of China is command in the English language.

Vija says that India has been constantly lying about the number of tourist footfalls in its country. She says that the only country from where the tourist footfall has increased in India is Israel as the people belonging to Judaism, a monotheistic religion which is completely different from the Hinduism which is a polytheistic religion.

Vija even met a tribe in India that worships mountains because they believe that mountains are reincarnations of gods. Vija met the people of another tribe which believed that the planets Neptune and Uranus used to be gods before they got cursed by the lord Shiva.

Vija says one of the worst things that has been eating the progress of India is its reservation system which produces nothing but incompetent employees.

Vija knows so much about India because she lived in India for 7 months in the year 2017.

Vija recently bought a CD and DVD company with the money that she won with the help of pokerclub88. It was always the dream of Vija to buy a CD and DVD company.

Vija says that she wants to move to the Island of Malta and Gozo forever after she becomes a multi-millionaire. Vija loves the Mediterranean climate and the architecture of Malta and Gozo.

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