Poor but ambitious and determined half-Japanese girl wants to make it big

Hitomi Rosenberg thinks she has the best of ideas to manage the wealth but she just doesn’t have the wealth. Hitomi dreams about the day when her company will offer Wealth Management Solutions designed and personalized for wealthy landowners and heirs.

Hitomi cannot afford a car, she still drives a Vespa scooter. She has several ideas about investing her money which she never had. Hitomi has been trying shortcuts to wealth like betting online and trying to multiply her money. She hasn’t been able to even double her investment in gambling yet but she has been quite successful with the game. She placed a bet worth 500 USD last month with FIFA55 and made a profit of 200 USD, which is quite good.

Hitomi’s rich half-sister is a tennis star whom I wouldn’t like to name here. She attributes her success to periodical celibacy, vegan diet and an active sex life that makes her side-money as well while she works as an escort in Airoli.

Hitomi reads a lot and tries to retain all the info that she reads. She recently read the whole King James II page on Wikipedia, after reading about him, she went on to read about the Glorious Revolution on Wikipedia itself, then she found more links about William of Orange and the Jacobites and she read those all too. She claims that she can tell 75% of what she read within this spree.

Post-gym Hitomi’s feet smells awful. She claims that she has heightened senses and an incredible reading speed. She claims that she can skim 6000 words in a minute and read 1000 words in a minute and retain 75% of the info that she read.

Hitomi checks out Set300.info almost everyday for the latest post and is a huge fan of me – the writer. She really finds me inspiring which is quite a complement because she doesn’t appreciate or complement someone so easy.

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