Husband is practicing celibacy and the wife is living with the support of online forums, casinos and inventions

Parniyan Cavendish is always found eating candied fruits. Parniyan lived in India for 7 years. Parniyan knows several M. Tech and PhD degree holders in the Indian subcontinent that are still unemployed.

Parniyan’s brother is one of the biggest superstars in the Italian cinema. Being a superstar for over 10 years, you will be amazed to know that this superstar never sat in a supercar in his life until November, 2018 when he bought a Ferrari 488 Spider. The first car that Parniyan’s brother ever bought was a Suzuki hatchback in Malta.

Parniyan used to work as a personal secretary for the steel tycoon of Indian origin in United Kingdom – Lakshmi Mittal before discovering the secret to become rich quick – situs judi slot online terbaru.

Parniyan’s husband is the owner of a shipping company who was arrested for VAT fraud 2 years ago.

Parniyan’s father created the first online booking system that really guaranteed easy, simple and hassle-free appointments.

Parniyan claims that most pornstars that are alleged to have committed suicide or died unnatural death are HIV positive or know a lot of secrets about the industry and that’s why they get killed by the porn industry tycoons who make it look like an accident.

Parniyan’s husband believes that celibacy turns him into a genius. He gives Parniyan sex toys, cucumbers and carrots to pleasure herself. Hence, Parniyan along with her scientist best friend is nowadays busy building sex toys that will be even more pleasurable than the real thing.

Parniyan claims that US and Europe will destroy all the Islamic countries of Middle-East completely and build the most advanced and powerful empire there ever.

Parniyan has also been spending a lot of time on websites like Warrior Forum and Black Hat World to look for ways to start and expand a prosperous and profitable online business.

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