Tony Niwat from Kanchanaburi compliments Fun88 more than the topmost brands for being so honest and reliable

Toey Niwat from Kanchanaburi, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert who writes that you can put all the meta keywords that you want on your website’s meta keywords section but it doesn’t help much unless your website’s content doesn’t include that much.

Toey advises his readers to not read outdated SEO books (written before 2017). He writes on his blog that such books all mention that the Google, other major search engines and all the major social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others) can’t read images, which is far from the truth now. He writes that all the major search engines and social media websites can do it today and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar or ignorant and listening to such people or sources can be fatal for your website or online career.

Tony writes that there used to be a time when the Google and other major search engines used to display the same image over and over again for a search query but that doesn’t happen anymore. He adds that there also used to be a time when Twitter and Facebook couldn’t recognize a lewd picture but now they have a super-advanced technology to remove or classify those as adult content as soon as you post those.

Tony compliments Twitter on creating a bot that can even tell by the tweets that whether your site is suitable for a minor to check out or not and most of the times the bot is right.

Tony compliments fun88 more than any other brand for making Thai gambling known globally. He really hopes that the founders of the fun88 will soon create a real life casino somewhere in Macau or Las Vegas.